About Us

Face-to-face work with every Customer

We are not a big company. That gives us an opportunity to solve your issues and demands in a more careful and diligent way.

Ready-made issues as for supplies

There are many companies engaged in supply of ship’s stores. We do our best to prevent our Customers from applying and going to our competitors.

Skilled staff

The major part of our staff graduated from Maritime Institutions having an experience related to work on ships with different displacement. That gives us an advantage to understand what you really need.

Our services are provided to the ships flying either the flag of the Russian Federation or any other foreign flag

24/7 service

Convenient form of mutual settlements

We provide:

1. Technical supply

  • Spare parts for main-ship engines and diesel generators (NVD, 6 Ч 12/14, 6 Ч 18/22);
  • Ship stop valves (of Russian and European origin);
  • Ship electrics;
  • Ship illumination;
  • Ship cable;
  • Ship metal (sheet metal, metal profiles, flat bulb steel);
  • Welding equipment.

3. Provisions

2. Сonsumable items

  • Paints and varnishes (ship paint, standard paint);
  • Brushes, rollers;
  • From the simplest to specialized (Loctite, Devcon);
  • Friction products and sealants (pump packings of all brands, paronites of all brands, brake discs etc);
  • Lubricants (oils М10Г2ЦС, М14Г2ЦС, М16Г2ЦС of all brands, И20А, transmission fluids, high temperature lubricants).

 4. Household needs (cleaning products)