Cargo Slings and Parts

Steel Rope Slings

Manufactured from galvanized wire rope of 6 x 24 construction.
Operating temperature: from -45 to +40 ° C, the flexibility, reliability in operation.


Chain Slings

Slings are furnished preassembled to the alloy steel chain with link or hook at both ends. 2-leg and 3-leg type chain slings provide more stability and strength than single leg chain sling. All attachments are mechanically connected to chain. The drop forged identification tag is attached to the master end coupling link of each chain sling.
– Single Leg type;
– 2-Leg type;
– 3-Leg type;
– 4-Leg type


Fasteners Devices

Ordering Information:
– Hoist Eye Hooks with Latch;
– Hoist Hooks with Eye;
– Hook with wide link;
– Latching Eye Hook
– Cargo Hooks with Swivel Eye;
– Cargo Hooks with Shackle;
– Seattle Pattern Cargo Hooks;
– Safety Latch Hooks;
– Swivel Eye Cargo Hooks with Latch;
– Swivels;
– Thimble-clamp;
– Shackles;
– Turnbuckles