Fuels and Lubricants

Products of General Purpose  

– Kerosene, l
– Diesel, l
– Emulsion oil, l
– Oil for removing rust, l
– White Spirit (solvent paints), l
– Liquid Paraffin, l
– Protective deck coating, l
– Resin, l
– Bitumen Putty, l (sealant and waterproofing)
– Fish oil, natural / synthetic, l (to protect cables)
– Fat (to protect rigging)
– White lead, kg (to protect rigging)
– Turpentine, L (for thinning paint and cleaning brushes)
– Teflon-spray, l
– Rust Remover, l
– Waterproofing emulsion / spray, l
– Protective for Rubber emulsion / spray, l
– Silicon Grease, g

Anti-Seize Greases 
To protect metal parts from rust, corrosion, abrasion, adhesion.

– Anti-Seize Grease (copper) for metal, working temp.: up to + 56ºC;
– Anti-Seize Grease (nickel) for stainless steel
– Anti-Seize Grease (zinc) for aluminum and iron details, working temp.: up to + 24ºC;
– Anti-Seize Grease (without metal) for stainless steel and soft metals, working temp.: up to + 75ºC;
– Anti-Seize Grease (graphite) for high temperatures;
– Anti-Seize Grease (for a low friction coefficient) working temp.: up to + 23ºC;
– Anti-Seize Grease, protection from fresh or salt water;
– Anti-Seize Grease (electroconductive) for metal joints;
– Anti-Seize Grease (multipurpose) working temp.: up to + 32ºC;
– Anti-Seize Grease (for protection from high temperatures) all types of metal surfaces

Lubricants for engines

– Circular Oil for Engines;
– Oils for Diesel Engines;
– Oils for low-speed two-stroke Diesel Engines;
– Transmission Oil;
– Cylinder Oil;
– Hydraulic Oil;
– Turbine Oil

Lubricants for Сompressors

– Oils for Air Compressors;
– Oils for Refrigerating Equipment;
– Oils for Gas Compressors

Oils and Lubricants

– For heavy-duty Gear (closed);
– To Gear (open);
– Greases General Purpose;
– Synthetic Greases;
– Petrol Resistant Grease;
– Multipurpose Greases;
– Anti-corrosion Oils and Greases

Specialty Oils

– Oil for running engine components;
– Lubricating Oils for Wire Ropes;
– Brakefluid (synthetic);
– Oil-coolant;
– Oil for Turbocompressors