Measuring Instruments

Circulates and Calipers

– Vernier Calipers;
– Digital Calipers


Calibres and Indicators

– Depth Gauges;
– Dynamometer;
– Screw Pitch Gauges;
– Magnetic Stand;
– Sensor-level Float;
– LED Power;
– Lot for measuring Fuel Level;
– Probes



– Special Thermometers;
– Thermometers Manometric;
– Digital Thermometers;
– Thermometers other



– Regulated Dial Gauge;
– Outside Micrometers;
– Outside Micrometers (with сounter);
– Tubular Type inside Micrometers;
– Jointed inside Micrometers;
– Inside Micrometer Calipers;
– Depth Micrometers


Rulers and Tape measure

– Laser Tape;
– Tape Rules



– Bench Levels;
– Laser Levels (auto leveling)



– Flat Try Squares;
– Laser Try Squares;
– Universal Measuring Stand



Hydrometer is an instrument used to measure the specific gravity (or relative density) of liquids; that is, the ratio of the density of the liquid to the density of water.



– Pressure Gauges;
– Gauges/Compound Gauges/Vacuum Gauges;
– Other Gauges


Electronic manometers

– Electronic Gauges Handheld;
– Pressure Sensors Electronic


Thickness Gauges, Flaw detectors

– Coating Thickness Gauges;
– Ultrasonic Thickness Indicators;
– Flaw Detector (Defectoscope)


Thickness Gauges, Flaw detectors

Klinger reflex liquid level gauges serve to indicate the liquid level in boilers and vessels. The reflex glass held within the body and seals off the steam and water chamber at one side. The cover plate, in which the glass is held, contains a slot for observation of the liquid level.


Round Gauge Glass

For moderate pressure service on boilers, vats and tanks. Used in conditions which do not require high thermal stability (up to 120°C), are made of glass or acrylic.