Welding Equipment

Cylinders and Charges (Gas)

– Argon, first quality, cylinder 6,3 m³
– Nitrogen, highest quality, cylinder 6,3 m³
– Nitrogen technical, cylinder 6,3 m³
– Nitrogen specially clean, cylinder 6,3 m³
– Acetylene, 5 kg
– Welding composition МIКS–1,
cylinder 6,3 m³
– Welding composition МIКS–2,
cylinder 6,3 m³
– Oxygen cylinder with valve, 40 l
– Carbon dioxide cylinder with valve, 40 l
– Nitrogen cylinder with valve, 40 l
– Cylinder for liquefied gas, type 3, with valve, 50 l
– Propane cylinder with valve, 50 l
– Reducer cylinder oxygen BКО
– Reducer cylinder propane – BPО-5DМ10


Gas Welding and Cutting

– Gas Welding Torches
– Spare parts for Torches and Cutters
– Safety Valves


Plasma Welding

– Torches (plasmatrons)
– Accessories for Cutters and Plasmatrons


Argon Arc Welding

– Welding Torches
– Spare Parts for Torches


Semi-Automatic Welding MIG-MAG

– Welding Torches
– Spare Parts for  Torches


Electric Welding Equipment

– Welding Transformers
– Welding Semiautomatic
– Welding Rectifiers


Plasma Spare Part

– Plasma Cutting Apparatus
– Installation of Cutting Microplasma


Electrodes and Wires for Welding

– llmenite type Electrode
– Lime-titania type Electrode
– High Rutile type Electrode
– Low Hydrogen type Electrode
– Graphite type Electrode
– Wire for Welding


Grinding & Abrasive

Abrasive wheels are used for cutting, deburring, blending and cleaning operations, and for surfacing finished hard steel, stainless steel, aluminium, carbon and brass.


Accessory for Welding and Cutting

– Welding Helmets
– Welders’ Goggles
– Welders’ Gloves



Pressure gauges are used for different equipment for welding and cutting.