International Shore Connections

Meets the requirements of МC SOLAS.
The international shore connection should be kept onboard with a ready gasket of material which can handle a pressure of 1,0 N/mm2 together with four 16mm bolts, 50 mm in length and eight washers so that the connection can be readily used in case of an emergency situation.
Material: brass / bronze


Storz Fire Fittings: Hose Couplings, Adaptors, Blank Caps,

German Storz fire fittings are most popular
Material:Aluminium, Brass and Stainless Steel.
Storz are specified by the distance between the locking lugs (the ‘Ka’ dimension) in millimetres


Rotta Fire Fittings : Hose Couplings, Adaptors, Blank Caps  

Constructed the Russian ROTTA fire fittings are corrosion resistant and capable of withstanding the most challenging conditions. Has got 3 lugs

Bogdanova Fire Fittings : Hose Couplings, Adaptors, Blank Caps  

Has got 2 lugs

Nakajima Fire Fittings : Hose Couplings, Adaptors (JIS)  

Has got 2 lugs

Coupling Spanners

Fire fixture spanners are designed to ensure connection of fixture of delivery and suction hoses as well as those of fire-fighting equipment.