Pilot, Embarkation ladders

We produce pilot and embarkation ladders under completely new technology of fastening, which was developed by our specialists. As a result ladders can take a tenfold load, provide more safety, has high endurance and increased life time of the equipment.

Pilot Ladders required Resolution A.899 (221), Regulation SOLAS 74 V/17, LSA Code amended by Regulation RMRS (Application 5). Pilot ladders manufactured according to TU U 35.1 – 30284125. 003 -2002.
Embarkation ladders satisfy the requirements of International Convention SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) 74/88, IMO Standards and Regulations of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Advantages of Pilot Ladders by Profimarine

Endurable and tight Structure
– Its Structure sustains 10-fold + loads when testing.
– The Polyethylene insets installed on top and beneath fix the Ladder rungs on the string in strictly horizontal position.
– Aluminum Clips fix the rungs firmly on the string from both sides.


Produced of high quality Materials
– The Rungs are made of the hard-wood bolt timber: Oak, Ash, Beech.
– The String of the Pilot and EmbarkationLadder is made of solid tri-thread yarn Manila Rope.
– Steel eyerings used to fix the Embarkation and Pilot Ladders to the Ship.


High Durability and Long useful Life
– Special coating (based on Epoxy Resins) protects the Rung structure form environmental effects.
– Edges of the Rungs are additionally treated with wax.
– All Elements of the structure have reinforced durability and resistance to environmental effects.


Aesthetic appearance and original labeling by the Manufacturer
– Texture of quality Materials, thorough and reliable assembly of the structure inspires confidence from the first look.
– Each Pilot and Embarkation Ladder is labeled with an original manufacturer’s steel Label with indication of individual technical data.


Information for the Order

Pilot Ladder Embarkation Ladder
ISSA Code # 43.068.00
IMPA Code # 23. 20. 00
ISSA Code # 43.069.00
IMPA Code # 23. 20. 00