Lifeboat Fall Preventer Devices (FPDs)

Lifeboat Fall Preventer Devices (FPDs) to be used on most types of lifeboats. The use of such devices was approved by the Maritime Safety committee based on installation and operation to prevent the failure of on-load hook or its release mechanism or by accidental release of the on-load hook.

«Marko ltd» currently offers Fall Preventer Devices in accordance with MSC. 1/Circ.1327 and approved by Russian Maritime Register of ShippingCompetitive Prices. Available on stock.

Fall Preventer Device

Technical data:

– Safe Working Load SWL (tonn): 3,0 – 5,0;

– Minimum Breaking Load MBL (tonn): 20,0 – 30,0
The safety margin exceed SWL in 6 times.

– Different Types of FPDs (мм):500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200;

– Steel Thimble: DIN 6899-B;

– Steel Shackles: G210  (SWL – 5,0 т; MBL – 22,5 т);

– Sintetic Rope of high strength 12 strand:
– High Strengt: is 15 times stronger than steel wire.
– Light Weight: is 8 times lighter than steel wire.
– Water resistant: does not absorb water and is there also more durable.
– Chemical resistance: is chemically inert, Oil & Fungal and Sea Water Resistant.
– UV Resistant: has very good resistance to UV light.
– High frost resistance (low temperature).


Before using a Fall Preventer Device, various factors need to be taken into consideration. In order to install the appropriate device each case is specifically.

Delivery Set

Sling of high strength (Ultra High Molecular weight UHMWPE)
polyethylene fibre rope with stainless steel thimble eyes – 4 pcs;

Steel shackles: G210 – 8 pcs;

Warning board, manufactured of waterproof materials – 2 pcs;

Metal label with specifications FPDs – 4 pcs;

Quality Certificate – 1 pcs;

Certificate Russian Maritime Register of Shipping – 1 pcs;

Carriage Plastic Container – 1 pcs;

Specification for manufacturing fall preventer devices, № MC-12, is Approved by RS.

Testing was conducted in accordance IMO Resolution MSC.81(70), Part 1, Paragraphs 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.4 and 2.4; MSC.1/Circ 1327 p. 2.2.2.

It is strongly recommended to be used during maintenance works and scheduled drills performed by the ship’s crew.