Respiratory Protection

Breathing apparatus at compressed air BD 96

The BD96 basic apparatus is available with different options: signal line (S), second connection (Z) and Quick-Fill system (Q). With the warning whistle near the ear, the BD96-S with the independent signal line provides highest safety.
The BD g6-Z is equipped with a second connection. This permits coupling of a second lung governed demand valve directly to the medium pressure line to provide help.
The BD96-Q is equipped with a Quick-Fill adapter. With this technology -which was developed for space exploration -300 bar cylinders can be recharged directly on the person – a great advantage when removing the apparatus would take too much time.

Breathing apparatus at compressed air BD Compact

Reliable Air Supply for Work and Rescue
Wherever sudden outbreaks of hazardous gases and oxygen deficiency are to be expected, in particular in industry and merchant marine, the BD Compact is ready to immediately provide breathing air.
The basic BD Compact already offers the comfortable carrying plate, the reliable pressure reducer, the easy to read gauge and the demand valve selected.

System of breathing apparatus BD Compact mini

Short Duration Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus. The compressed air breathing apparatus BD mini, which now features a redesigned, maintenance-friendly pressure reducer, is especially suited for short duration work in confined spaces.
Its compact size and versatile design permit the use of various carrying modes.
With a coupling for compressed airline breathing apparatus (available as accessory), the BD mini can be connected to a stationary air source.

Breathing apparatus at compressed air AirGo pro

When you are looking for an industrial strength carrier for a wide range of maintenance or rescue operations, the AirGo pro is ready for deployment. Its rugged reliability, flexibility and great value make it a popular choice for plant, sub-surface or offshore use. Weight is distributed evenly and kept close to your body to reduce stress and fatigue.

Breathing Apparatus at Compressed air AirGo compact

Designed for emergency response and escape. On ships or industrial facilities where such units are mandatory, the AirGo Compact is an obvious choice.
The lung governed demand valve AutoMaXX®-AS is fixed to the medium pressure line.
The vital pneumatic and carrier components are the same as those used in the high-end MSA presets, making AirGo Compact a fully-fledged device for the toughest applications including firefighting.

Breathing Apparatus AirMaXX

For high-frequency and extended SCBA wear, maximum user comfort translates directly into increased performance and good health.
The ergonomically designed and optimally balanced AirMaXX backplate is adjustable to fit all body sizes. This works in conjunction with the premium S-swing shoulder pads and swivelling hip belt to distribute weight evenly while increasing freedom of movement.

Breathing apparatus at compressed air АВХ

Approved Certificate of Maritime Register of Russia.
Designed for protection from exposure to highly toxic and corrosive gas environment in the conduct of emergency – rescue on the open facilities and enclosed spaces.
– Dimensions, mm: 690x310x210
– Tank capacity, dm ²: 4
– Weight, kg: 12,5

Breathing apparatus at compressed air АSV-2

Approved Certificate of Maritime Register of Russia.
Apparatus equipped helmet-mask of industrial gas mask or panoramic mask with positive pressure under the front part.
– Dimensions, mm: 690x310x210
– Weight, kg: 13,2

Self contained breathing apparatus АIR

Approved Certificate of Maritime Register of Russia.
Contained breathing apparatus with a quick-removable cylinder, pressurized under the front part of the panoramic masks and automatic audible alarm.
– Dimensions, mm: – 790x320x220
– Tank Capacity, dm²: 7
– Weight, kg: 13,3

Air isolating System for firemen «АVIМ»

Approved Certificate of Maritime Register of Russia.
Designed for personal protection from exposure to unsuitable for breathing highly toxic and corrosive gas environment in the conduct of rescue operations on the open areas and in enclosed spaces, buildings, industrial facilities, ships and vessels of various ministries and departments.
Time of the protective action of 30 to 180 min. Device is equipped with cylinders of different manufacturers.

Сomposite Compressed-Air Сylinders

Composite Cylinders for compressed air breathing apparatus, cylinder valve in accordance with EN 144, with cylindrical thread.
Are 50% lighter than traditional steel construction. They are available in either 6,8 or 6,9 litre sizes with 300 bar maximum pressure.

Steel Compressed-Air Cylinders

Steel Cylinders for compressed air breathing apparatus, cylinder valve in accordance with EN 144, with cylindrical thread.
Are available in both 4 litre/200 bar and 6 litre/300 bar sizes.


The AutoMaXX-AE – positive pressure with M 45 x 3 thread.
Sensitive response to individual user’s breathing while withstanding toughest conditions: the AutoMaXX defines the state-of-the-art in demand valves. Plus the virtually maintenance-free valve core results in low cost-of-owner-ship.

LA 88-N

Normal pressure lung governed demand valves. The connection to the mask is a handwheel with thread according to EN148-1 [round thread].
The LA 88 has a small and lightweight design.

LA 88-AE

Compact, light lung governed demand valves pressure. Automatically switches to the pressure at the first breath.

Full Face Masks Ultra Elite

Manufactured from a specially developed black rubber for two-way breathing (valve breathing), with standard thread for respiratory filters, airline appliances, and compressed air breathing apparatus. Pressure-free fit through comfortable single sealing flange and deep chin cup. Available in two sizes for optimal fit.

Full Face Masks 3S

In addition to a proven design, the 3S mask offers everything a mask wearer needs. Comfortable materials, good communication through speech diaphragm, anti fogging air flow, low weight, no pressure points, low breathing connector. Also available as positive pressure version with M 45 x 3 thread or MSA plug connector.

Sandblast Cap Light

The right choice for sandblasting. It consists of a silicone full face mask, protective hood, pressure reducer with gauge, airline and leather waist belt.

Airtester HP

Airtester HP for high pressure range of 200 bar and 300 bar breathing air compressors and cylinders.
Monitoring set for compressed breathable air from factory airlines compressor and cylinders.

S-CAP- Air

The S-Cap-Air is a hooded constant flow, breathing apparatus to escape from areas in which toxic substances or oxygen deficiency may occur. Simply open the unit, don the hood and make your escape.


Emergency Escape Breathing Devicesmun type ШCM-ЗОБ
Complies with Req. of SOLAS, 74 & Reg. 2.2 part 3 International Code for Fire Safety Systems, IMO Resolution MSC.98(73).
For individual protection of bodies of breath and sight from effect of the toxic and aggressive gas in case of accidents in fire-fighting supply of sea-going ships.
Only used for escape from compartment in case of hazardous atmosphere.
Time of protective action, min: 30
Overal dimensions, without waist belt,(length x breadth x height), mm: 205 x 185 x 92
Mass without waist belt, kg: 2,0
Mass with waist bell, kg: 2,2
Duration of switching on into Emergency Escape Breathing Devices, sec: 15

Particle Filters

Protection against solid and liquid particles of toxic agents

Gas Filters

For protection against organic or inorganic gases and vapours, as well as against solid and liquid particles.

Combination Filters

For protection against organic or inorganic gases and vapours, as well as against solid and liquid particles.

Applications, Markings

Соlor  Type Application
 A Organic Gases and Vapours (boiling point > 65°C)
 B Inorganic Gases and Vapours (not CO), e.g. chlorine, H2S, HCN
 E Sulfur dioxide and acidic Gases and Vapours
 K Ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives
 AX Organic Gases and Vapours (boiling point < 65°C) of low boiling substance groups 1 and 2
 NO-P3 Nitrogen oxides e.g. NO, NO2, NOX and particles
 Hg-P3 Mercury Vapours and Particles
 CO Carbon Monoxide
 Reactor P3 Radioactive iodine and Particles
 P Particles