Publications IMO

Statutory publication in the field of navigation 

Marine Store Guides  IMPA, ISSA
The catalog includes more than 35 names 0000 ship supplies, equipment, property, supplies, indicating uniform international codes.

Marine Stores Guide IMPA

Ship Stores Catalog ISSA


IMO Publications (Great Britain)
Publications of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

– Catalogue & Book
– Newsletters, Mailers & Posters
– Supplements


ITU (Switzerland)
Publications of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

– GMDSS Handbook
– Radio Regulations


Publications of the Central Research Institute of Marine Fleet (CRIMF



Russian Maritime Register of Shipping


– Rules of Tonnage Measurement 2001
– Rules for the Classification Surveys of Ships in Service, 2001
– Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-going Ships, 1999 (3 volumes)


Publications, maps and allowance of the Main Department of Cartography and Oceanography (ГУНиО)

– Maps
– Sailing Directions
– Reference Books


Marine Forms

Marine Forms
– Ship’s log book
– Noon report (for deck use)
– Oil record book (for tankers)
– Bell book (for deck use)
– Official log book, and etc.
For Engine Dept.
– Chief engineer’s log book
– Noon report (for engine use)
– Oil record book (for all ships), and etc.
Declaration inward / outward of vessel
– Cargo manifest
– Crew manifest
– Parcel list, and etc.
IMO Forms
– General declaration
– Freight/cargo manifest
– Crew list
– Passenger list, and etc.



– NAVTEX (pencils, ordinary and thermal papers);
– Recording paper for navigational equipment:
(course recorder, echo sounder, weather facsimile receiver);
– Teleprinter tapes and recording paper and etc.