Anchor Chains and Parts

Destination: in ship’s anchor equipments, vessels and different types of self-floating facilities and also in other branches of industry as cargo and drag-chains for high operational loadings.
Supplied with Certificate of RMRS.
Approved to requirements of ISO 1704-91

Stud Link Anchor Chain

Strength category: I, II, III

Calibers: from 11 to 81 mm

Load capacity:
category.: I – from 36 to 538 kN;
category.: II – from 66 to 769 kN;
category.: III – from 244 to 1080 kN


Studless Anchor Chain

Strength category: I, II

Calibers: from 9 to 38 mm

Load capacity:
category.: 1 – from 15 to 272  kN;
category.: 2 – from 22 to 376 kN;


Anchor Shot (E + EL + SW + EL + C)


Intermediale Shot (C)



First Shot (E + EL + С)



Common Link (C)

Enlarged Link (EL)

Kenter Shackle (KS)

End Link (E)

End Shakle (ES)

Swivel (SW)

Anchor Swivel (A.SW.S )