Foam Concentrate AFFF – 106

AFFF – 106 is a new generation of multipurpose film-forming foam.
AFFF-106 is used for extinguishing solid fuels and oil by using low and medium ratio foam. The foam former is produced serially according to TU U 30284125-001-2000; certificate of conformity UkrSEPRO UA 1.016.0206768-13.

It is designed for extinguishing fires of class A and B of any degree of complexity. Classification by extinguishing ability and degree of reignition (I, A).
The AFFF-106 foam, due to its technical characteristics, is recommended for use in rescue operations in high-risk areas, such as airports, remote oil production platforms, petrochemical plants, oil storage facilities and where salvage is particularly important.
Extinguishing time with AFFF-106 is 2-3 times faster than that obtained at similar flow rates of foaming
mixture with conventional foam formers. This gives a huge advantage in terms of cost savings, extinguishing reduces damage from fire and reduces the costs of eliminating the consequences of the fire.
AFFF-106 meets the requirements of sections 4-10 of DSTU 7144: 2009 “Fire Safety”, Extinguishing agents – foaming agents, Part 3, Requirements for the blowing agents used for fire-soluble flammable liquids fed to the surface of low expansion foam “(EN 1568-3), IMO Res. MSC. / Circ 1312 /Corr.1, Circ 798.

The properties of the foam comply with the applicable national and European standards, suitable for use in fire suppression systems compliant DSTU B EN 13565-2: 2013.
Physical  and chemical properties:
pH value:7.20
Density at 20 °C: 1014 kg / cubic meter
Frost resistance: – 12,5 ° C
Surface tension: 17,0 mN / m

The type of expansion: Low Medium
The induction rate: 6% 6%
Water type: Fresh water Seawater Fresh water Seawater
The expansion of foam: 8.5 8.4 77 70
Foam stability 25% water drainage, sec 190 181
Foam stability 50% water drainage, sec 225 217

How to use: in the form of compact and sprayed water jets, for low and medium ratio air-mechanical foam former equipment during fighting class A fires (subclass A1 and A2), class B fires (subclass B1) in accordance with GOST 27331 for fighting fires in tanks with oil forms the foam on the surface, both traditional and subsurface method, as well as for fighting fires on ships in accordance with the IMO Resolutions. When used on Class A fires, the AFFF-106 foaming agent improves the wetting of the burning material, contributing to its cooling and flame out.
When extinguishing hydrocarbon fires the foam forms on the surface of the burning fuel flows quickly and creates a water film, which significantly accelerates the process of extinguishing the flame. The foam provides the constant presence of a water film between the fuel and the foam and continues to expand. In places where the integrity of the film is compromised – by wind or other mechanical influences – it quickly recovers to prevent a reverse fire.
Due to its ability to prevent vapor leakage, even when applied in minor amounts, it has a significant effect in extinguishing fires. The same property makes it possible to use a foaming agent to prevent the fire accidental oil spills.
Ecology and environmental protection: The product is fully biodegradable, non-toxic and stable.

Supply: Foam AFFF-106 is always available in the company’s stock in the amount of at least 20,000 liters for a rapid response to customer needs. The foam is delivered in bulk tanks and in polyethylene containers of 1000, 200, 20 liters.

Shelf life: Guaranteed shelf life of a foaming agent AFFF-106 in their original packaging at warehouse storage conditions – not less than 10 years.

Maintenance: Periodic monitoring should be carried out only by accredited laboratories. The first periodic monitoring of the quality of the foaming agent should be in 3 years from date of manufacture and then every year after that.